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Hello Teachers!

Welcome on board! You have chosen to participate in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme with your class, and we promise you will have a very exciting year ahead!

During the first week, your pupils will explore the concept of ‘Entrepreneurship’, possibly for the first time, while completing the first chapter named ‘Opening the Door to Entrepreneurship’. This is an exciting period wherein the pupils will come to realise that entrepreneurs aren’t necessarily limited to the likes of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Entrepreneurs are all around us, from the local baker to the local hairdresser, and they are a vital element of every community.

Pupils will come to appreciate the risk involved in opening a business while they complete this programme and will gain a huge amount of respect for local businesspeople as they themselves invest in their own venture and work hard to earn a return on their investment during the 12-16 weeks of the programme.

Once pupils have become familiar with the term ‘entrepreneur’ and can successfully identify entrepreneurs in their area and around the world, the next stage will be ‘Exploring New Ideas’ which can take 2-3 weeks to complete, as it encompasses ‘Meet the Dragons’, the outcome of which is the Big Idea.

This is an exciting time for you and your pupils, with the potential to learn practical skills that will last a lifetime, as well as providing a platform for pupils to be creative and gain a huge amount of confidence.

If you have any queries at this stage, give us a call, email or message, we’re here to help!