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Welcome to Chapter 3!

At this stage, the Big Idea has been chosen and it is time for ‘A Business Visitor to the Classroom’. Pupils love this business visit. It makes entrepreneurship come alive for them, and the business visitor usually gives them the kick-start they need to believe that they too can be entrepreneurs.

Pupils have the opportunity to ask a local business person various questions, from how they became entrepreneurs, to asking for business advice with regards to their own Big Idea.

If you are struggling with sourcing a local business person, do keep in mind that there are entrepreneurs dotted around your entire community, from the local hairdresser to the nearby shopkeeper. We have included a Business Visitor Template Letter (Resource Sheet 2) which you can send to a potential business visitor when inviting them to the classroom.

Don’t forget to complete the ‘Business Visitor Poster’ and the Pupil and Teacher Reflection on Business Visit (Activity Sheets 3 & 4), once the Business person has visited.

We hope the pupils gain valuable insights and inspiration that may influence  them as they continue along their educational journey into secondary school.