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We hope you are progressing through the programme well.


At this stage your pupils should be doing market research on The Big Idea and researching what type of product or service the target audience want to buy.


Chapter 4, ‘Will the Idea Work’, is an opportunity for pupils to test whether or not the idea they have chosen will be profitable and whether changes are necessary before production begins. It’s also a chance for the pupils to work out the most suitable price to sell the product or service for.


Pupils should have a look at the sample Market Research survey on page 30 of the Teacher’s Guide, and then create a survey with questions for their target market, in relation to the product or service that they are creating. Analysis of the surveys can be presented any number of ways, for example pie charts or bar charts and so forth. Pupils should be as creative as they like here, and both the survey and the presentation of the research findings should be included in the JEP Submission Folder.


Top Tips for a great survey –


Keep the questions simple.

Be clear about the purpose of your survey.

Sequence the questions in a way that makes sense.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us, we are here to help!