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Welcome to Chapter 6!


We hope that your pupils are getting excited about Making It All Happen! Chapter 6 is production stage, wherein the JEP Big Idea will be made into a reality.


In this chapter the pupils have to ‘make it all happen’, this can be broken down into five areas:


  1. Designing and creating the product or service
  2. Calculating costs and income
  3. Marketing
  4. Selling
  5. Recording and communicating the story of the project


Pupils will learn how to calculate costs, source funding, monitor the budget and keep a record of all financial income and expenditure throughout the project.

Pupils will design and produce marketing material and will also learn how to use video, audio and Microsoft Powerpoint to record the key stages of the project.


The Storytelling Team has an important role to play in capturing the story of the project from start to finish.

They can take photographs, record video or audio, conduct interviews and include pictures and samples of work in a video or PowerPoint presentation. They must compile the JEP Submission Folder to record the various stages of the project. The Storytelling Team can present the story of the JEP project at the Showcase Day.


The Design and Production Team work together to see if any improvements can be made to the Class JEP Big Idea. Any feedback that was gathered during the Market Research should be used to aid this process, the pupils should consider the preferences indicated by their target market for example the colours or designs that were the most popular and how to package and present their product.

They will also need to determine how many products they will need to make; they will need to collaborate with the Finance Team for this step.

It’s important to ensure that every pupil in the class is involved in making the product or service.


The Finance Team consults with the Sales and Marketing & Design and Production Teams to determine what materials will be needed to produce the product or service. The pupils will then calculate how much they need to spend on materials. The Finance Team encourages each pupil to invest in the JEP project, i.e €2 per pupil which will be returned from the sales income at the end of JEP. If additional funding is required they can seek a loan from the Parent’s Council or Board of Management to assist with the initial ‘set up’ costs, which will also be repaid upon completion of the programme.

The Finance Team records all the details of the Costs, Investments, Loans and Expenditure on the Estimated Costings and Projected Sales sheet.

Having calculated the total costs to produce all of the products, the Finance Team calculates how much it costs to produce one product. Taking into consideration the market research findings and considering the total production costs the Finance Team determines what price to charge and how many products to sell.


The Marketing Team should come up with a strategy to promote the product or service. They consider how best to generate interest in their product or service. They should consider putting up posters, circulating flyers around the school and local community, placing an advert in the community newsletter or even composing a rap or song and using social media (under the guidance of a teacher).


The Sales Team plans, organizes and manages sales of the product or service. They should be encouraged to be as creative as possible when thinking of ways to sell their product or service. They could ask local businesses to sell their product or set up a stall at a local market aswell as the school Showcase Day. They must ensure that the customer has a way to order and receive the goods or services; this may include setting up an ordering service so customers can pre-order.


Remember to include the following in your Class Folder for Chapter 6 –


  • Sample Flyers, Posters or other Marketing Items
  • Estimated Costings & Projected Sales (Activity Sheet 7)


Don’t forget to update us with your progress on the ‘Class Progress’ section of your JEP online account this is something that the Storytelling Team can take ownership of.