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You and your pupils have reached the final stage of the JEP journey!


Chapter 7, Showcase Day and Programme Evaluation, will provide an opportunity for pupils to learn about organising a School Showcase Day. Pupils will learn to calculate profit and loss, they will also evaluate the various stages of the programme and reflect upon the outcomes of their JEP project. Finally, pupils and teachers will reflect on lessons learned during the programme.


The School Showcase Day is a very exciting day for schools participating in JEP across the island of Ireland. It is the event which acts as the launch day for the product or service which the pupils have worked hard on for weeks. There is an invitation template for your Showcase event on page 68 of the Teacher’s Guide.


For Showcase Day the Sales Team will need to request permission from the school principal to use the school hall or another suitable space to hold the event. The pupils may need some assistance with setting up, perhaps they could ask the school caretaker or other members of staff for assistance with this. On the day of the Showcase, the Sales Team must get set up as early as possible ensuring that they have enough time to arrange and display all their products.

It’s important that all items are clearly labeled and priced in the event of a craft fair or product sale.


The Sales Team may also want to prepare a Programme for the day especially if the principal or class teacher would like to say a few words and if the Storytelling Team are going to present their PowerPoint presentation describing the work they have done on JEP.

Following the Showcase Day the Sales Team should consider sending a thank you letter to the principal, teachers, caretaker and any other individual who assisted them with the event.



Using Activity Sheet 8, ‘Actual Costings and Sales’, the Finance team will calculate the total costs and total income and will determine whether the JEP Class project generated a profit or loss. In consultation with the class teacher, the pupils decide how to use the profits generated by the JEP project.



Remember to include the following in your Class Folder for Chapter 7 –


  • Photographs/Video of School Showcase Day
  • Actual Costing and Sales (Activity Sheet 8)
  • Sample of Product/Detailed Description of Service
  • Pupil Evaluation of the Project (Activity Sheet 9)
  • Teacher Evaluation of the Project (Activity Sheet 10)


Adding the final requirements to the JEP Project Submission Folder and sending it to JEP HQ for evaluation is the final step of the Programme. The JEP Team will return your JEP folder by the end of the school term.


Congratulations on reaching the last stage of JEP, we are so grateful that you participated!